Microsoft Songsmith

On Friday January 9th, 2009, in Entertainment, Microsoft, Music, Technology, by Michael Watson
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Microsoft has just announced a new application which looks pretty interesting. This application will compose a tune to lyrics that you sing into the computer. The first thing is to choose what kind of song you want to compose and then the computer plays a beat. Then you sing your song while the computer records the lyrics. When its finished it analyzes the notes you sing and then creates a tune based on your song.

I will admit that the promotional video looks pretty cheesy but I think its a great tool for amateurs and something that can be fun for anyone. Heck if you are a professional you might as well try it out with your lyrics and see what this tool kicks out.  Songsmith will also let you play instrument as well as singing into it. This is great for composers that are looking for both tunes to go with their lyrics or melodys. The program looks like it does a pretty good job and its available to download right now as a trial. This trial lets you compose for six hours and then if you like it you can purchase it for $29.95.

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Website Integrated W/ MySpace & Facebook

On Tuesday January 15th, 2008, in Plugins, Web, Wordpress, by Michael Watson
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I’m excited to announce that I have integrated both MySpace and Facebook with my WordPress blog. This means that everyone will get to see my new posts as I publish them.

For Facebook I added the application Wordbookand then installed the plugin Wordbook

For MySpace I installed the MySpace Crossposter.

.:: EDIT ::. Jan 31, 2008

Unfortunately I have had to disable this plugin because it was not successfully adding bulletins for MySpace. With a site like MySpace they are continuously doing modifications to their url and such to prevent APIs and programs like this. I didn’t want to take the chance of getting my profile deleted or it messing up my profile.

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