On Wednesday May 31st, 2006, in School, Technology, by Michael Watson

Okay the title says braces but that doesn’t come til the end. As you guys might know I have just been swamped with technology problems. Today I was finally able to get my computer shipped back to HP. I think it is pretty much instant repair so I should have my laptop back in very little time. So many things have happened, i just haven’t had the time to post about them all. The newest thing is I just got my braces off earlier today. Its soooooo cool! yehhhh me! lol but yeah anyways things are going pretty smooth. Just trying to keep the website up-to-date and school work up-to-date too. Youth group was fun tonight. We watched a Christian comedian and he has some funny stuff, so that was pretty cool. We went to Pedros – The best ever. I saw a wreck on the connector form the southbound 57 to the southbound 5 freeway. This white Durango was flipped over on its top and they had tons of fire and medical people there – that was pretty sad/ shocking. Other than that things have been pretty good. Hopefully I’ll update this more. lates.

Busy busy busy!

On Thursday April 27th, 2006, in Entertainment, by Michael Watson
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Yeah so I have been hella busy for a while. Stressin over my site, photography, school and all that stuff. Anyways there are alot of new things. Yesterday I had fun at youth group. After we went to Pedros – Yummy!!! Anyways I ordered and was about to give the lady cash and there it was… a spider on the counter. Well it was sorta freaky for me and especially for the lady at the cash register. So wut does she do? She blows it away. Wait… But I was standing right in front of her so she ended up blowing it on me – wut a dumb-butt lol. Anyways it was weird. Then next thing we know there were 2 sheriff cars that were burning rubber with sirens blowin and lights flashing – crap they were going fast. Next thing you know it was just Nick, Kevin and I. What do guys like? EXPLOSIONs!!! lol. So we had a 2 liter bottle full of Mountain Dew and well Nick tells us that it will explode if we put a bunch of Mentos in it. Well 7-11 was right across the street. So we go across and when we come out who is there? The Department of Homeland Security. lol! The randomest van in the world. So we went in the Pedro’s parking lot and threw some Mentos in but it was pretty weak. End of story. Then today was cool but then a bust. I took a bunch of background pictures for chapel and then later took some head shots for Krista. There were some pretty good ones in there I must admit. Then I went to the baseball game and it was raining. Sad sad. I couldn’t take any pictures & I got soaked. Anyways there has been a lot more going on but I’ll update this Later.

Ahh… The Weekend

On Friday April 7th, 2006, in Ministry, School, Technology, by Michael Watson

Yeah so Wednesday was a weird day. I crashed in bed? after I got home and didn’t get up til like 11pm and ate dinner and then stayed up til my dad told me to go to bed. Thursday was pretty cool going to youth group and all. I actually liked it that night, and will prolly go back next week. Then today was a pain in the butt doing stuff for Chapel but I thought worship was good. Yeah I noticed that I might need to pay more attention while typing in songs and especially spelling words lol. There’s nothing like attending the service urself and actually reading the words. lol. Anyways things are pretty good. Oh yeah it was Justine’s b-day and I’m pretty jealous cause she got a razr phone but yeah it’s all good. lates

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