94 Beautiful Green Goldwing 1500 SE 23K Runs Great

On Saturday February 2nd, 2008, in eBay, Web, by Michael Watson

This 1994 Honda Gold Wing SE motorcycle is a beautiful, low-mileage, top-of-the-line touring bike. With less than 23,000 actual miles on the odometer, this 1500 cc, 6-cylinder, luxury machine is in excellent condition and runs great with recently cleaned carburetors. The two-tone green exterior of the motorcycle glistens and polishes to a bright luster. The chrome sparkles and the bike still draws compliments from passing motorists and pedestrians.

The standard features of the SE are impressive and include cruise control, electric reverse, adjustable air suspension, fresh and warmed air ventilation, passenger intercom, CB radio, 25-watt am/fm/tape stereo, front and rear stereo speakers, lighted trunk, luggage inner bags for the trunk and side saddles, and more. The original tool kit and owners manual are secured in the left side saddle.

Added enhancements include floorboard shifter and brake, passenger communication control module, rear seat arm rests, smoke colored wind wings, cornering lights option switch, trunk side light strips, extra marker lights (fairing, trunk and tail), trunk rack and lower spoiler, lighted trunk mirror, freeway footrests, custom exhaust deflectors, battery trickle charger and a full rain cover.

Additional standard features of the 1994 SE include on-board air compressor for rear suspension and outlet, handlebar controls for stereo and CB, self-cancelling turn signals, direct driveshaft, headlight beam adjustment, folding antennas, seat cover for parking built into the rear seat backrest, windshield height quick-adjust, adjustable passenger floorboards, carpeted trunk and side saddles, and two helmet locks under the trunk.

While the Lexan windshield is clear, a non-obstructive crack extends downward from each side of the windshield ventilator. Two paint scrapes, one on each saddlebag, are the most significant mars on the finish. A small screw cover on the right side is missing. Also missing is a small trim strip on each side of the faring hidden by the wind wings. The grill behind the front wheel is cracked.

Three color matched Arai helmets with headsets come with the motorcycle, an XXL, a medium and a small. The XXL helmet needs a new pad in the top. The microphone attachment is broken on the medium and small helmets.

This is available on eBay: Item number: 260208891367




Long Day

On Thursday August 16th, 2007, in Biola University, School, by Michael Watson
Rush hour on I-45, downtown Houston, USA.Image via Wikipedia

So yeah today started out by finding out there’s a leak in the water main right in front of our house so the city will have to repair that soon. Then tonight when I was driving a friend home some car hit a wall on the freeway and spun around a couple of times and that was pretty darn scary. Above all that it hasn’t exactly totally sunken in that I move in, in 2 days.

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On Wednesday May 31st, 2006, in School, Technology, by Michael Watson

Okay the title says braces but that doesn’t come til the end. As you guys might know I have just been swamped with technology problems. Today I was finally able to get my computer shipped back to HP. I think it is pretty much instant repair so I should have my laptop back in very little time. So many things have happened, i just haven’t had the time to post about them all. The newest thing is I just got my braces off earlier today. Its soooooo cool! yehhhh me! lol but yeah anyways things are going pretty smooth. Just trying to keep the website up-to-date and school work up-to-date too. Youth group was fun tonight. We watched a Christian comedian and he has some funny stuff, so that was pretty cool. We went to Pedros – The best ever. I saw a wreck on the connector form the southbound 57 to the southbound 5 freeway. This white Durango was flipped over on its top and they had tons of fire and medical people there – that was pretty sad/ shocking. Other than that things have been pretty good. Hopefully I’ll update this more. lates.