Rough Day on Dow

On Saturday June 7th, 2008, in Business, News, by Michael Watson
NEW YORK - APRIL 25:  A display board of the New York Stock Exchange shows the Dow Jones Industrial average (DJIA) at 13,047.15  April 25, 2007 in New York City. The Dow Jones Industrial average climbed past 13,000 for the first time, fueled by stronger than anticipated earnings reports.  (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

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Today was definitely a rough day on the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index. The Dow closed today at 12,209 down roughly 395 points. Much of this is due to increasing oil costs. The cost of oil went up 10 dollars, an 8% increase, today to reach a high of 138 dollars a barrel. Analysts conclude that speculation greatly affects rising prices but that may not be the case. This escalation is due to high demand in developing nations and a smaller more volatile supply locally and globally. Rising oil prices are just another added stress to the already highly volitile stock market right now and will result in a scary future as speculation has oil prices surpassing the 150 dollars by July 4th.

Due to frightening speculation about raging gas prices and a highly volatile market, many investors are pulling back from the stock exchange and are currently in a holding pattern. This is resulting in a slowing economy and does not contribute to oil prices lowering. In fact, usually investors are able to counteract rising prices but this wont happen if major investors are holding onto their money. Analysts are also talking about how the government might and should open up the national oil reserves sooner than later so that prices will start to decline. As prices start to decline then the angst against sky rocking gas prices will settle and companies will be able to focus on higher earnings and lower costs.

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Tracts Are Evil

On Wednesday August 8th, 2007, in Ministry, by Michael Watson
Person sent to hell in This Was Your Life. This scene would be recycled in nearly every tract dealing with God since then.Image via Wikipedia

Yeah so a phenomenon has come to my attention… Stupid Tracts. The last two tracts I have found have been those relating to money. Of course money is the root of all evil but come on in a tract? haha. Personally I believe that these fake money tracts are lame and wrong. I mean if God would have left a tract like that, He would have left real money. haha. Actually I think they are pretty interesting and funny but when you see a fake wallet with a $50 on the ground… you wish it wasn’t just a tract.

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Google AdSense

On Monday July 30th, 2007, in Google, Web, by Michael Watson
Sign at The Googleplex.  Google limited access to, in March 2002.Image via Wikipedia

As many of you have seen I have added some Google AdSense units to my site to generate a little bit of revenue on the side. I would recommend this to other blog users that generate a decent amount of page views a day. I would also suggest starting as soon as you can. The longer you have the ads up, the more money you will generate over time. Take care and swift bloggin.

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Yuck. The Rain.

On Tuesday April 4th, 2006, in Missions, Technology, by Michael Watson

Alright well this morning pretty much sucked. I was so tired and lazy and stuff. Just really out of it. & I broke the screen on my iPod with my belt buckle… ugh! how lame! lol.. So yeah I am just hoping and praying that my protection plan will cover it and they will give me my money back. Anyways… It was raining all day and that sucked too cause I got soaked. They are wrapping stuff up on my braces so that a good thing. I can’t wait to get them off. Alot of what I’ve been doing lately is seeing what businesses will donate for our Africa trip and how they could help us. Youth group was awesome. Worship was great. It was Rachel’s b-day and everyone was there to celebrate. I helped put up the streamers… yeah me! lol alright and yeah it was weird cause there were so many ppl that showed up at the del tonight. We usually have like 6 if even that and tonight like 14 ppl came. It was pretty cool. Rain rain rain. I hate driving in rain. haha! alright well I guess I might start that English book that I was gonna start last night :)

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