Rapid VPS

On Tuesday April 8th, 2008, in Web, by Michael Watson

I am excited to share about my web host, Rapid VPS. This is a great company which has awesome support, the most features that I’ve ever seen and all at a cheap price. I would definitely recommend them for anyone who is looking to get a reliable Virtual Private Server. They have the experience and the tools to help you with any problem and have exceeded my expectations in providing easy management and over-the-top features for your web hosting experience. The fact that through the control panel: you can restart your server, restore an image of your server, or reinstall the OS if your server goes haywire is a feature you rarely find.

I have been with them for over a year and a half and have been very impressed. They do have special pricing available if needed and they happily host my non-profit organization’s website: California School Project dot Com. Their motto is “root is everything” and to Rapid VPS, root is really everything. You get root access to your server and much more than you could ever ask for.

Tracts Are Evil

On Wednesday August 8th, 2007, in Ministry, by Michael Watson
Person sent to hell in This Was Your Life. This scene would be recycled in nearly every tract dealing with God since then.Image via Wikipedia

Yeah so a phenomenon has come to my attention… Stupid Tracts. The last two tracts I have found have been those relating to money. Of course money is the root of all evil but come on in a tract? haha. Personally I believe that these fake money tracts are lame and wrong. I mean if God would have left a tract like that, He would have left real money. haha. Actually I think they are pretty interesting and funny but when you see a fake wallet with a $50 on the ground… you wish it wasn’t just a tract.

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