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On Tuesday April 22nd, 2008, in Biola University, Google, Ministry, Web, by Michael Watson
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I have just recently added Google Apps to my website. I made this move because I have been getting tired of receiving spam and annoying e-mails. This move was not based off of the need to have a bigger e-mail inbox as the set-up I have right now is more than enough. I really am starting to see how great of a system it really is and how ideal it would be for Biola to be on such a nice system. In fact an educational institution like Biola would get extra features that I currently do not have access to with the service. I definitely will have to spend more time using and abusing the system. I will not only be using the email services but also the calendar and document services too. I’m excited to think of what it could do if implemented in the California School Project website. We will see if that is an option in the future.

College Applications

On Monday December 4th, 2006, in School, by Michael Watson
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College applications have taken over my life at the moment. I’m glad that I’m done with all of them but two. One of which is due today and the other which is due in a week. I’m excited to go to a great college and meet great, interesting people. Right now its pretty tough though dealing with school, work and trying to finish the rest of my applications.

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On Sunday June 18th, 2006, in School, by Michael Watson

You must know wut I’m thinkin.

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