AdaptiveBlue Widgets

On Tuesday April 8th, 2008, in Entertainment, Web, Wordpress, by Michael Watson

I posted information earlier about a great Netflix widget. However I was looking around some more and found another great Netflix widget. This widget is provided through AdaptiveBlue. AdpativeBlue is a great service if you want to add beautiful widgets to your website using RSS feeds from common websites. They provide widgets for services like Amazon, Blockbuster, Epicurious, iTunes,, Netflix, New York Times, Rhapsody, Rolling Stone, Snooth, Wallstip,, and Yahoo. The great feature is you don’t even have to have an RSS feed; you can show the best selling books off of Amazon or the music you’ve purchased off of iTunes. You can sign up for other features that include keeping track of stats, toolbars that help you see media reviews fast and easy, and also add great information to links about books, movies, music and stocks. Many of their features integrate with common platforms.

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Store Rewards Cards

On Sunday January 6th, 2008, in Uncategorized, by Michael Watson
The Borders Book and Music store at the Severance Town Center, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.Image via Wikipedia

Store rewards cards are the worst. My mom and I went to Borders tonight and of course the cashier asked us if we had rewards cards. We said no but I tried my dads phone number to see if he had one. I guess he did but i didn’t know his e-mail address or something. So anyways the guy asked us if we wanted to sign up and I said no but my mom said yes after we finished the transaction. The cashier said it was too late because it had to be during a transaction. Story short she bought a piece of candy and signed up for one. Then as he was giving us the new rewards cars I looked at my keychain and I already had a Borders Rewards Card. Then after we went home my came came in the living room and said she already had one too. hahaha. What a funny time.