Spring Break

On Wednesday March 26th, 2008, in Shopping, Technology, Travel, by Michael Watson
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Let me tell you it has been so wonderful to be on Spring Break right now. I was at my uncle’s house in Temecula which was really nice. It’s always great to see family members and friends. They had an easter egg hunt and a wonderful Easter dinner there. Then on Monday we went down for the day to San Diego where I got a Bluetooth PS3 remote for watching those great Blu-Ray Movies and I got some sexy new Oakley sunglasses which I am stoked to have, even though I’m bankrupt now :). I’ll check to see if I have any good photos to post from that.

The funny part is when I got home from my uncles I remembered to bring my Ghiardelli candy bar in so it wouldnt melt the following day in my car but I forgot about all of the other chocolate I had. Luckily I checked and even thought my car was pipping hot, none of the chocolate had even started to melt. Right now I’m just getting caught up in the finances and havin fun with friends and the fam. I might be going up to Big Bear with my uncle and his family to go snowboarding 🙂 Now that would be fun!


On Thursday August 2nd, 2007, in Technology, Web, by Michael Watson
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Hey this goes with my last post haha. But yeah right now I am surfing on my computer over my Treo because our cable internet is out. You like never have these problems with DSL. Anyways it gets old b/c the cable modem always goes out when it seems like i need it the most. Eg. uploading about a couple thousand pics to get one of my websites back up again. oh well. I guess i’ll actually go to bed early tonight. haha. God is great. Lates.

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