Will Ferrell & Step Brothers

On Tuesday September 9th, 2008, in Entertainment, Ministry, Movies, by Michael Watson
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This post is dedicated to a film that, lately, has been really close to my heart… Step Brothers and an actor who undoubtedly is even closer… Will Ferrell. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly work well together in this sometimes raunchy but very funny comedy. There are definitely parts with thick adult humor so it is not for the faint at heart. The irony of two grown men that in the beginning flaunt there immaturity but later on succeed when their parents separate. I would definitely recommend this for someone that does not mind some adult humor and language.

My favorite actor is definitely Will Ferrell with his unique comedy which is paralleled with no one. I love his dry humor and just his overall attitude while playing his roles. I was definitely impressed with this movie as I have not enjoyed some of his recent work too much, such as Talladega Nights or Semi-Pro. Both my mom and I definately laughed our heads off at this one. Good Job Will Ferrell. My favorite movie has to be Anchorman and I’m looking forward to getting that on Blu-ray but I enjoyed Step Brothers and I will admit that it is one movie that I will end up getting on Blu-ray.