Image by Getty Images via Daylife

This article just makes me sick when I read it. The thought that in South Korea, the government is creating jobs to increase the internet bandwidth 10 times when here in America, their current speed is already 67 times what I get on a high speed internet connection. It’s true I don’t have the fastest internet connection but they are still about 10 times faster than any residential service we have in America. That means with their upgrade their internet will be 100 times faster than ours. It also means that individuals in South Korea will get faster connections than corporations do in America. A house in South Korea right now gets as much bandwidth as the school of 4,000 students that I attend. This is after our school just doubled their bandwidth because of complaints. UGH! It hurts really bad to think that our bandwidth could be significantly higher. This is one area in which America is significantly behind and really needs to speed up. I really hope that Obama stimulates this section of our economy. It’s tough being a web designer in which transferring files can take hours upon hours whereas in other countries it could take less than one. What a waste of productivity. This also means that communications companies in South Korea can provide much better services to their customers. I vote for more bandwidth!

South Koreans could see 1Gbps web connections by 2012 – Engadget.