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On Wednesday September 26th, 2007, in Biola University, eBay, School, Web, by Michael Watson
SVG-ified version of a photo of the iPod Classic's touch wheel.Image via Wikipedia

Wow! There has just been so much going on lately. The past couple of days have just been flying by so fast, I dont know where they have gone. As you know I am now addicted to eBay and its pretty exciting/ nail bitting at the same time. Ive been selling a bunch of items and the other day I bought a touch iPod which hopefully I’ll be recieving fairly soon. I’m also busy with classes and homework. The dorm life has been interesting. But I must say the coolest thing that has happened in a long while is I got some lights to go over my desk so I can see it at night and those are fantastic. I was so thrilled to see them up and working. Hopefully I will have some more interesting updates. I hope to update my blog more regularly if I can. Oh… and I’ll be sure to post pictures of my touch iPod when I get it. Peace!

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