Car Went Bananas

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Fullerton, CA – A driver plowed through a fire hydrant Saturday June 12th around 1:20 AM at the corner of Amerige and Lemon. The car then hit a ramp into the Monkey Business Café. Water shot 4 stories in the air and sent water flowing through the intersection.

Fullerton Police Department and Fullerton Fire Department responded immediately. Firefighters shut-off the fire hydrant from the street then police officers cleared the car. No word on the occupants of the car. The café is a non-profit serving healthy choices to the community while helping children in need. Damage to the café is unknown.


4th Generation iPhone June 7th?

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Apple iPhone 4G Prototype
Image by Photo Giddy via Flickr

I believe that all signs point to “yes” as it will be the day that Steve Jobs will take the stage at the World Wide Developers Conference as he has the past two years to introduce the new iPhone. Information from those familiar with manufacturing processes have concluded that the iPhone should be ready. AT&T has a vacation restriction in effect for June. AT&T store representatives are telling people it should be coming out in the next month. Last and most convincingly, AT&T has modified its data plan offerings which will be available on June 7th.

I will be hoping to hear of the following features on the fourth generation iPhone: a forward looking camera, higher resolution rear camera, camera flash, higher resolution display, micro sim, bigger battery, same chip used in the iPad, design like the “stolen” prototype, and I would pray for an upgrade in storage, battery life and memory. I will be crossing my fingers for a file system accessible to all apps, cloud syncing, wireless syncing to iTunes, and free cheaper tethering (okay that’s not going to happen as AT&T has announced their plans). Cloud syncing probably will not happen because of the new bandwidth caps instated by AT&T. I cannot wait to hear what other new unannounced features the iPhone OS 4 will bring.

Will other carriers get the iPhone? I hope so. I think it would be good for everyone to even out the data usage of iPhone customers a bit. There have been rumors of CDMA iPhones in production and major employees at Verizon working on a big ad campaign but nothing is for certain. My best guess is that CDMA phones will come later this year in order to give AT&T some sense of exclusivity during the begging of the new launch.

In other news there have been some rumors that they may announce update other Apple products on the 7th. It is possible that they may update or introduce something new like the next generation Apple TV but I do not think they will sell them right away as the next generation iPhone will take remarkable resources. iPhone launches are most likely the most busiest set of days for AT&T stores and Apple stores. I don’t believe they could afford to sell another new/updated product on the same day.

International iPad Demand

On Monday May 31st, 2010, in Apple, Business, iPad, iPhone, News, Technology, by Michael Watson
Steve Jobs while presenting the iPad in San Fr...
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It seems as though various news sources are pointing out the high international demand for the iPad. One example was in Tokyo Japan where 1,200 people stood in line trying to purchase an iPad. This exemplifies the overwhelming demand of international customers for the iPad as Apple tries to overcome low supply levels in order to meet its unexpected interest. In the past month, the iPad has only been introduced in 10 of the 88 countries that will sell the product and is short on supply everywhere.

Personally I was not surprised or captivated with the iPad or the sales that it experienced. As a new type of device, not many people know why they want one or what they would use it for. Of those who have purchased an iPad, 91% say they are satisfied with their purchase. I would never purchase an iPad in its current form. Originally I was hoping that the iPad would be a smaller landscape product that was based more so off the OS X operating system than the iPhone OS. I want something with a file system that I can manipulate files on between applications. A device which automatically syncs files with my MacBook so I can work on things at home or on the go. My main purpose would be to work on a project at home on my MacBook and then take it with me to work on a mobile device and work on it during my breaks. Currently, I do not see how the iPad would fit in to my lifestyle.

I also was not impressed with the demand of the iPad. Maybe I had high expectations for what the iPad could have been but I thought that a tablet-like device should have sold more units up front. Rumors were giving higher numbers which I believed would have set a better pace but those numbers were inflated. It is difficult in one respect because an iPad and an iPhone are similar so many people do not see a reason to have an iPad if they already have an iPhone. On the other hand, I think people should understand the importance of the product more because they have been exposed to the iPhone for so long. For example: many people have been saying that the demand for the iPad is so much greater than the original iPhone. The millionth iPad was sold after 28 days rather than whereas the millionth iPhone was sold after 74 days. This is a great achievement for Apple but now that Apple has introduced the app store, sells millions of iPhones a quarter, and developers have created hundreds of thousands of apps, the million unit amount seems smaller than I would have expected.

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BANNING, CA - DECEMBER 8:  An emissions-produc...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The stories surrounding oil and gas as energy are on the rise. Right now all of America is captivated by the events of the gulf coast as a well spews hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil in the ocean each day. Just this week there was an Alaskan pipeline that was shut down to fix a leak. The most recent event happened close to home. On May 28th around 10:30, a tanker truck exploded traveling east on the 91 freeway as a result of a traffic collision. The driver of the big rig was try to avoid another collision when the weight transfer incurred from a sudden lane change sent the truck out of control. Running across the freeway the tuck sideswiped a Honda forcing it over the center divider which collided with two other cars. The tanker then fell on its side igniting its payload. Fortunately there were no fatalities in the accident.

Traffic was congested all over the south-land as people tried various alternate routes since the 91 freeway was closed in both directions. Even side streets were considerably crowded as motorists on overcrowded freeways had nowhere to go other than spilling onto local streets. What made traffic worse was the memorial day weekend motorists. The 91 freeway was closed from shortly after the crash until around 3 when westbound traffic was allowed to pass and a few eastbound lanes were opened around 7 as the additional lanes had to be repaired from the fierce blaze. Firefighters let all of the 8,800 gallons of fuel in the tank burn which took five hours as flames shot 100 feet in the air.

These recent incidents beg the question of whether or not current methods of energy are safe and whether alternate forms of energy are any safer. With thousands of animals and plants being killed by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill it may be time to consider whether, as a society, we are being good stewards with the natural resources we have been given and how our use of them is harming the environment around us. Is it acceptable to engage in an activity like offshore drilling which has resulted in the deaths of many animals considering the different spills over the year. More importantly the spills seem to get bigger as the years pass. Why with our increase of technology, are we not able to better contain spills therefore not doing as much harm to the environment? Or first of all, why are spills even occurring with our increases in technology? It is easy not to be immediately concerned about the livelihood of creatures in the ocean but more importantly are we putting people lives in danger by the energies we are transporting whether flammable or bio-hazardous? These are just a few things that responsible and environmentally conscious Americans should consider.

ThinkFlood RedEye Update

On Sunday May 30th, 2010, in Entertainment, iPhone, iPhone Apps, Technology, by Michael Watson

I wrote that I would give an update on the ThinkFlood RedEye a while back and never got around to it. Overall it is a great product with a great design. They have been steadily improving the RedEye iPhone app ever since they released it. ThinkFloods customer service has been phenomenal and their support during the beta period was great. I would recommend the RedEye for people that want to control multiple pieces of equipment in a single room without the need of an iPhone accessory. However if you are looking to control multiple devices in different rooms I would suggest holding off until the RedEye mini comes out this Spring. The RedEye mini is a dongle that fits in your headphone jack with an infrared transmitter in it. It turns your iPhone into an infrared remote from 30 feet away and leaves the dock connector open for charging whereas other infrared accessories occupy the dock connector. The mini is convenient because it does not require batteries and it is affordable considering its included features. I plan on purchasing one myself, when it becomes available.

The RedEye application on the iPhone makes it very simple to customize your remote layout. There is a tutorial that assists you through programming your remote and an icon based layout editor for easy customization. ThinkFlood has added a database of remote codes so programming remotes is even easier. By searching your device’s model number, preset codes can be found making it possible to easily program your iPhone without a remote control. The RedEye setup allows you to program single button pushes in one icon or to program multiple button pushes in one icon. For example: to watch TV you can program the remote to only turn on the TV or you can program the TV to turn on the TV, the cable box and your surround sound system all by one icon. Finally the last feature they added was the ability to backup your configuration to your computer or restore your configuration. I would definitely recommend the ThinkFlood RedEye or RedEye mini.

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