87 Red Honda Elite 250 Scooter 7K W.Shield/Trunk Good

On Wednesday February 13th, 2008, in eBay, Web, by Michael Watson

This 1987 Honda CH250 motor scooter offers economical transportation in a beautiful, convenient, easy-to-ride, low mileage vehicle. In the nearly 7000 actual miles on the odometer, this scooter has averaged over 60 miles per gallon. The powerful 250 cc engine provides plenty of acceleration for riding in traffic. Operating the CH250 is extremely easy because of the automatic transmission that works without a clutch control. Give it the gas and it goes. Let up on the gas and it slows. Stop with the hand brake control and/or foot brake pedal. The scooter is a beautiful red. It polishes to a rich luster with shiny chrome, although the years have yielded some marring of the finish, chrome and trim. At night, the scooter is well lighted and visible.

The long padded seat can be raised for access to the fuel tank and two helmet hangers and is locked with the ignition key. The seat is shaped to accommodate a passenger who is also provided with fold-down foot rests and a padded backrest mounted on the trunk. The trunk is mounted on the chrome rear rack. Its main body opens with a latching lock. A second trunk entry is provided by a locked lid that uses the same trunk key. A vertical compartment is provided on the steering column for maps and tools and is locked using the ignition key. The 12 volt battery is accessible from the center of the floor and a trickle charger connection has been added. The trickle charger is included with the scooter although it is not mounted on the scooter.

The windshield is large and clear. The lighted instrument package contains the speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, oil change indicator, clock and clock controls. The right handlebar provides the throttle, hand brake, emergency engine cutoff, and starter. The left handlebar provides the turn signal, hi/lo beam, and horn. When the ignition switch is off, the horn button turns on a convenience light for the ignition switch.

For parking, a side stand and a center stand are available. The foot pedal brake and steering can be locked for protection using a lever on the steering column.


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