A Good Day

On Thursday August 16th, 2007, in Biola University, School, Shopping, by Michael Watson
The exterior of a typical Nordstrom department store at The Florida Mall located in Orlando, Florida.Image via Wikipedia

Today was a great day. There were two things I got done today which seemed so easy that I should have gone gambling, cause I felt pretty lucky. The first was that for the past month my watch hasn’t been keeping time that well haha which ruins the purpose of it. Then it got all fogged up on my trip n stopped working. So I took it to Nordstroms and the guy returned it and gave me store credit. Then I exchanged this bottle of cologne that was like half-used because it kept on leaking at Macys – the darn thing. Anyways today has been a good day full of cleaning and all of that – trying to get ready for Biola.


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