THE Scariest Night Ever

On Saturday August 18th, 2007, in Uncategorized, by Michael Watson
Picture take by Evan Ernst, found on Classic NationImage via Wikipedia

So tonight I was with a friend and we went to Silverado, CA. It’s the freakiest drive ever and ugh so scary. Well anyways a couple of months ago I saw this old green classic car get pulled over by Sheriffs and searched. They had taken out bags and all kinds of stuff. It was like something you see out of like Saw 2. Anyways we were driving there again and the same frikin car was there. Scarrier yet.. my friend said she saw someone sitting in there. UGH! SO then we went home and all was good. I dropped her off then went to turn around and… OMG… I was looking straight at a green classic car. :-O. Anyways I’m gonna try to go to bed. Laters everyone!

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