Apple iPod Touch January Software Upgrade

On Saturday January 19th, 2008, in Technology, by Michael Watson
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Apple has added 5 new applications to the iPod touch software that can be activated through purchasing the January Software Upgrade from iTunes. The upgrade is $20. It adds the Mail, Google Maps, Weather, Stocks and Notes applications to your iPod touch just like the iPhone. Another feature that they have added is the ability to customize the home screen. You can rearrange the icons on the home screen and dock, create new home pages and also add icons with links to applications/ videos or other media.

I love my iPod touch but I definitely have a problem with buying frequent updates for my iPod touch after paying a premium in the first place. A benefit of software updates is on the original iPods, if they had a major software/hardware update, you couldn’t update the software but would have to buy the next generation. However this would allow Apple to release software updates just like a Mac’s operating system without the need of buying new hardware. I’ll have to admit, even though I was reluctant, I did purchase the update. Its nice to have mail, and especially Google Maps just in case. The only negative aspect is that you have to be connected to your router or another unsecured router in your area.