Never-Ending Desserts

On Saturday August 11th, 2007, in Entertainment, Photos, Travel, by Michael Watson
May 15: Las Vegas, Nevada is founded with auction of 110 acres.Image via Wikipedia

Today was full of dessert after dessert after dessert. We left Las Vegas around noon and finally got to Glenwood Springs around 11pm Colorado time. Wow there was so much driving but I was actually nice enough to let Kasper drive my car part of the way. – Such a help for him to drive, I wouldn’t have made it all the way. Then for lunch we stopped at KFC which was pretty lame! Anyways tomorrow we will be going white water rafting. WOOOHHHOOOO!!!

Anyways… here are some pictures from the trip today…

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Colorado White Water Rafting Trip

On Thursday August 9th, 2007, in Travel, by Michael Watson
Packrafting in Alaska.Image via Wikipedia

So today I will be leaving on a white water rafting trip with my friend Kasper and his brother Calvin for about a week. 🙂 Its gonna be sooo fun! We will be driving out to Las Vegas, Nevada and staying for a while and then traveling on to Glenwood Springs, Colorado where the firtst day we will be going on a full day 6 hour rafting ride and then visiting caves on Sunday. Then we will be heading back home.

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