Obama’s Inauguration 2009

On Thursday January 29th, 2009, in News, Politics, by Michael Watson
Inauguration of President Barack Obama
Image by sneakerdog via Flickr

This was simply an unprecedented even that was really cool to experience over the TV. The number of people that attended was simply astronomical and I’m so very glad I stayed up all night so I could experience Obama’s inauguration. Because as many of my friends know, I probably wouldn’t have gotten up in time to watch it.

There was simply no other even in history like it. With Over 1.7 million people in attendance and a 25,000 person security force, the first African American president in the History of the United States of America was sworn into office but not without any hitches. There were long lines from getting through security to riding public transportation to get there, to using your phone, using the restroom, just getting to the viewing area you wanted and even the oath that was bestowed upon President Barrack Obama.

I was truly surprised with the ceremony and the security that went along with it. On the first days of service of “the beast”, a fortress on wheels, security seemed pretty relaxed. A Presidential car believed to be built upon a truck chassis, with 8-inch armor, run-flat tires, tear gas cannons and a sealed climate system.