White Water Rafting

On Saturday August 11th, 2007, in Entertainment, Photos, Travel, by Michael Watson
Rafting on the Arkansas River.Image via Wikipedia

Yeah we just got back from six hours of white water rafting/ kayaking. I’ll post more about it later.

Oh man it has been so busy out here from cruzin the town to getting some rest haha. Last night we got about an hour or two of sleep before we had to get ready for the fun. It was such a great experience from cruzin down the rapids to sitting in hot springs to riding the current downstream and swimming in the Colorado River. The water wasn’t too bad but the sun did a nice job of burnin haha.

What we did was we were bussed about 9 miles up the river where we were dropped off and got in our boats. We then cruzed for awhile through some mild rapids haha and I mean mild. Then we stopped n chilled in some hot springs which were so nice xcept for the yucky smell of sulfur. Then we kept on goin down the river, soaked some rafts and stopped by the ‘rafting headquarters’ for some lunch.

After that we got in some one-man kayaks and paddled down the river. Some of us (me) unfortunately uhhh well went for a nice dip in the water about three times haha. Anyways another three hours later and we stopped on the shore about 7 miles downstream and were bussed back to headquarters.

It was such a great experience. It was so fun and the beauty of our surroundings was amazing. Plus we had a fun boat. There was a lighter hair colored lady in which had many funny things to say lol and her boyfriend didnt mind pointing out that it was in her best interest to stop haha. But yeah I’d definately love to go again.

Here are some pics…

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