VAIS Tech SoundLinQ2 SL2i-UP For iPhone 3G

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The VAIS Tech SoundLinQ2  SL2i device is probably one of the best purchases I have ever made. I love that the sound pumping out of my stereo is nice and crisp. I love the fact that there is no static whatsoever. That means no scanning for new channels as you pass different mountains or repositioning the iPhone or iPod so that the signal is closer to the radio. I love the fact that I can choose a song on my iPhone and then switch songs from my steering wheel as I’d like. I also have the ability to control everything like playing playlists right from the touch screen in my Toyota Prius. If you have iTunes Plus music then playing it over the stereo sounds remarkable. They also have a model that will allow you to play video right through the screen on your car. Amazing!

The fact is that before I decided to get this module installed, I had purchased 3 different FM transmitters. The first Griffin FM transmitter I purchased worked pretty well and I really loved it but the issue was that they changed the charging method on the iPhone and so that old transmitter would not charge my new 3G iPhone. Because of this, I purchased another Griffin FM transmitter however the signal of transmitter was terrible. I could plug the new one in and the old transmitter would totally trump the signal of the new one. Plus they had a auto scan feature that was just worthless. I was truly disappointed at the dismal quality of the device. Then I purchased a competing transmitter from Belkin and it was just as bad as the new one from Griffin. I was totally done with these new crappy FM transmitters and soon looked into better setups. I searching I found VAIS Tech which specializes in modules for Toyota and Lexus cars. Everyone in the forums were talking about their products so I thought I would check it out for myself. I went down to the local Al & Eds Auto Sound. I got a quote and then had them install the device. I am definitely pleased. Al & Eds Auto Sound stands behind their work and offered to remove the unit free of charge if there were ever any issues with it.


  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Charge your iPhone 3G – One of the first (SL2i-UP model only)
  • You can use the rest of your iPhone while listening to music.
  • Control your music with the steering wheel.
  • Uses Advanced noise canceling technology


  • There will never be a 100% assurance that the device will work in your car.
  • You cannot control both the iPod and touch screen in your car at the same time.
  • In simple mode (controlling music through the iPod) you cannot display track information on the car’s touch screen.
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