What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

On Wednesday August 15th, 2007, in Travel, by Michael Watson
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The drive into Las Vegas, Nevada was pretty long but not as long as the first time. Anyways we finally got into Las Vegas and headed for the hotel. When we got there to check-in the notified me that they didn’t had the room we had reserved. Anyways I told them I reserved it a week ago but they said that it was a “first come. first serve” basis in which they assign rooms. So basically my reservation, reserving a room, wasn’t really a reservation I guess.?.?.?.

So anyways the lady that was checking us in was new and so annoying. she kept on talking and talking. Finally she gave us a room that was un-designated. Then she said “that means someone at some point could have smoked or not”. When we opened our room we found out that we might as well be smoking cause it was awful in there.

I called the manager and they gave us a petite suite with a roll-away bed. Basically it was like 2 or 3 rooms big. A king bed with and TV in front and then two couches, a table and a TV. The bathroom was a little small but who cares? haha. Once we saw that room, all was well and we weren’t pissed anymore.

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