Starbucks 20-oz Venti To-Go Cold Cup Tumbler

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I recently bought two Starbucks 20-oz Venti To-Go Cold Cup Tumblers. I purchased one for that special someone and the other for myself. Honestly it was her idea to get the tumbler. I had seen them before and they had caught my eye but I didn’t see the need for an expensive yet sturdier cup. She expressed her interest in one and as I looked into it more, the cup became more appealing. The tumbler is not just a heavy plastic cup. It is a machine washable and reusable double walled cup that is very convenient. The double wall provides a no-sweat exterior. In my experience, when filled with chilled water, the exterior will fog on the outside forming a light layer of condensation but does not result in actual beads. The characteristics of the cup also keeps beverages cooler – meaning no more watered down chai lattes for me. Every time you use your tumbler for a drink at Starbucks you save ten cents.

These cups are very difficult to find. They are sold out online and you are lucky if you get your hands on them at your local Starbucks store. I was lucky in that she told me they were at my local Starbucks the day before and the barista was nice enough to call around in order to find two. This store sold through their venti cups in a day and had a few grande cups left when I stopped by. Your best bet is to try smaller stores which may not receive as much traffic.

Ironically one thing I miss is being able to chew or bite the plastic Starbucks straws. The straw that is included is really strong, and could hurt your teeth if you try to chew on it. The pipe contains a ridge at the bottom so the straw will not fall out. This ridge also makes holding the lid and straw more convenient while waiting for a beverage. Replacement or additional venti straws for the tumbler can be purchased online. The only other issue about the tumbler is that it is 20-oz whereas a normal venti cup is 24-oz. In my opinion you should save more money as you are provided less beverage.

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  1. Mark says:

    took me a while to find one in the UK, but finally found one on Ebay UK, with cheap postage, shipped from UK, a few more left here:

    good price as well!

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