Apple Amazes Me

On Friday January 23rd, 2009, in Apple, Business, Computer, Technology, by Michael Watson
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Apple keeps on outperforming and showing great numbers all around which in my view is really amazing considering the times. Yes much of their success this quarter was in international business but economies are feeling the recession globally. I think its a great move however that Apple is taking advantage of spreading out globally. They are working hard on distributing their greatly branded products out all over the world and building flagship Apple Stores globally. If our economy isn’t ready to buy their products, another economy is. Way to go Apple! Keep on staying smart!

Unfortunately investors have hit Apple hard through the past year and even more recently through Steve Jobs‘ health concerns even though the company repeatedly shows great numbers. The success of Apple is attributed to Steve jobs and with his last declaration of medical lease many people can’t comprehend how the company will be able to survive. Jobs has said that he is still overlooking many of the big decisions in the company. Get with the program investors! Apple is worth a whole lot more then you are giving it credit for. I’m sure as Cook says that there are a lot of great employees there who are focused just like Steve is on new product and technological development and also enhancements.

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